The Plymouth Morris Tradition

The Plymouth Morris Tradition is a set of (mostly) four man dances first performed in public during 1989. A new 24 page book compiles a short history of early morris dancing (including Tudor records for Plymouth), and the music and dance notation for the tradition. The book is available as a free download using this link.

The book is also available in a paperback edition for £3 in person, or £4 including postage and packing (cheques payable to Plymouth Morris should be sent to Plymouth Morris, 92 Ponsonby Road, Plymouth PL3 4HW). The proceeds from the sale of the book will be dedicated to renewal of the Plymouth Morris costume in preparation for the Mayflower 400 celebrations.

Plymouth Morris hold their practice night on Wednesday at the School of Creative Arts, Millbay Road, Plymouth, PL1 8EZ from October to April and welcome prospective new members at any time.

You can see more Plymouth Morris events here

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